where did summer go?!?! / what i think of VSCO culture / first day of tae kwon do at my new belt

Guys. Help. Summer is gone!!! I can’t believe it – it goes by so fast!! How the heck did this happen?!?!?! Today was the LAST day of the pool – soon Birkenstocks will be gone too….luckily mine will fit me next year. For sure.

And all the other summery things are going away too! For example, the summer wreath we had on our door. The flowers…the vacations…the beach…it’s now officially fall.

There are many amazing things about fall too, however. For example – the leaves make great blog photos, and leggings are going to be back in style. @Hannah at the striped plaid did a whole letterboard quote thing with her fall leaves – check it out! https://thestripedplaid.wordpress.com/2019/09/13/9-aesthetic-fall-letterboard-quotes-ft-main-event- usa/ is the link.

OK, so Topic #2: what do I think about the VSCO trend?

For those of you who don’t know, there’s a trend going around based on VSCO girls – just google it, I can’t explain it…

  1. Save the turtles – This one I fully support. Come on guys – save the turtles! I don’t use a metal straw though, so I guess I’m not really acting on the idea…
  2. Overlarge shirts as dresses – Sorry, but this one I hate. I just feel like it’s so weird and odd to be wearing something that isn’t meant to be a dress as a dress. I just can’t pull it off. Sorry guys!!
  3. Seashell necklace – Maybe. I mean, it depends on the occasion. I’m SO not a jewelry person, but when I’m going somewhere nice, it’s pretty cool to have a cute necklace. So, yeah, sometimes.
  4. Birkenstocks – Guilty. These shoes are so comfy and stylish – well worth the price. OK, MAYBE they’re my favorite pair of shoes EVER. VSCO girls have it completely right with these. GOOD CHOICE GUYS.
  5. Scrunchies – I’m sorry but no. I own TWO scrunchies from when I was still a gymnast. These fall RIGHT out of my hair, and wearing like 20 on my wrists is just cumbersome. They’re just not good for me. I don’t pull it off well. But hey, on others they look amazing. I have nothing against VSCO girls, I just wouldn’t want to be one.
  6. Sksksksksk & And I oop- – No. Just no. Sometimes they’re fun to say, but I find it annoying to constantly say them in conversation. Sorry guys!! 😦
  7. Mario Badescu stuff – Haven’t tried it. I have no opinion – it could be good, might not be. I’m hoping it’s good at least.
  8. Hair in a bun – Maybe, I like keeping my hair down, but this doesn’t seem like a must for VSCO girls, sooooo….
  9. And of course – the VSCO app – I honestly don’t know. Haven’t tried it yet, if it’s good then sure, I like it.
  10. Hydroflasks and friendship bracelets – No opinion. Any water bottle is good water bottle. Friendship bracelets, well they’re really cute, I just don’t have a thing for jewelry.

OK, that’s all the VSCO related things I can think of- comment more if you have one I didn’t include. My overall take on VSCO – I am NOT a VSCO girl, but I don’t care if anyone else is. You guys are beautiful as VSCO girls, it really just isn’t my thing at all.

Next up: Yesterdaywas the FIRST day of Tae Kwon Do at my new belt – ahhh!!!

OK, so overall………IT WAS SO GREAT!! For all of you reading this…hi Kate….who want to get to 1st brown belt someday, it was totally worth the wait. Totally. 1st brown belt is really fun and to be honest – I wish I had tested like 5 months earlier. I love it so, so much!

My next class at this belt is tomorrow – or Wednesday. Wish me luck because this is so amazing. It’s so nice to see people who I knew at my previous belt.

After my class, I really wanted to wait for my friends at 2nd brown (my old belt) so me and Anah waited for our friends Kate, Keya, and Will. It was their 2nd class and it was nice to catch up with them because our schedule isn’t that correlated.

SOOOOO….overall – this has been my favorite belt so far. Comment down below if you want to see a few pictures besides this one from graduation on Friday:

This amazing photo was taken right after I was awarded my belt. I was shaking hands with my instructor, Master Pineda. The side of my hair shown is the one without the green stripe at the time.

I really enjoy Tae Kwon Do, and I just found out that I know all the curriculum for this belt already from a seminar I go to on Sundays with black belts, which is nice. No curriculum to memorize, so this belt is about improving my technique.

Thank you for reading – my French is waiting for me, and I have way too much spelling.

Bye guys! ❀ ❀ ❀ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Hello human beings and aliens! Welcome or welcome back to my blog and thank you for reading! Last night was my Tae Kwon Do graduation – I graduated to the last belt before black. And OF COURSE I have an update on it – why? Because that’s the job of this blog.

The format of a graduation is basically, everyone graduating to all different belts performs their form, which is a set of moves designed to be an imaginary fight, or their combinations, another set of moves designed to be an imaginary fight, but in a different way. At my old belt, the one that I left behind at graduation last night, we got a musical form, which is like an imaginary fight set to music. At this belt, I actually know some of the curriculum because of a thing I do on Sundays with black belts! At least I have a heads up going into the hardest belt there is…

But anyway, after all the belts have performed, we have a potluck. My family always brings pizza because it’s the easiest, but no one knows who brings it. It’s actually hilarious to see certain people whom I don’t like and happen to be graduating with me eating pizza they don’t know is from me. And after the potluck, which usually goes extremely late, we head back home and secretly get more food as a family. It’s really awesome.

This graduation, I decided to make a statement, and I went with a green and silver stripe in my hair. It was amazing. Pics should be up soon.

Unfortunately, the brown belts didn’t get to perform Exodus because of a mistake in scheduling. I’m kinda disappointed, but all it means is at the next test I get to, because I’ll be graduating to black belt.

But for now, I’ll enjoy the new belt I have – it’s amazing.

This graduation was really sad for me, for one because it was the last graduation before black belt. Where did the carefree gold belt days go? 😭

It was also really sad because the 1st Brown classes (my new belt) are way different from my old belt’s classes. And two of my absolute best friends at Tae Kwon Do graduated to that belt tonight, as well as another one of my best friends at Tae Kwon Do, who was already at that belt. I’m really sad because I’m not going to be able to talk to them as much.

Luckily, I have my friend Anah going to 1st Brown with me – we’re equally nervous. I can’t wait to see everyone that I knew at 2nd Brown – a bunch of people I know are already there, so that’s awesome!

It’s strange – I should be happy, but I miss being the 7 year old white belt who couldn’t do a sidekick. I miss when one of my BFFs Eleanor started Tae Kwon Do but had to quit when she moved. I miss when I fought with someone I knew over something so unimportant, I don’t even remember what it was.

I guess it’s time for new beginnings, and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday at Tae Kwon Do. Hopefully I don’t mess up TOO badly.

Thanks for reading! Got to do yet more spelling! Bye!! ❀ ❀ ❀ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

NO. FRICKING. WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Normally I don’t do the double update thing.

But tonight is not normal!!!

I am proud to tell you, that as of Wednesday, September 11, 2019, I am A FIRST BROWN BELT.


Thank you for following me on this journey! I didn’t have a blog in May, however, I have been trying for this belt since then.

I am so happy that I finally got my belt. Graduation is on Friday, I’ll be sure to put up some pics.

Tomorrow, I’m going to spray dye my hair silver and run around the neighborhood screaming with my friends. Just a regular day!

Now, for celebratory ice cream.


❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ Bye for now!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

these songs are amazing! / new musical artists / my life

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my blog! Today, I bring you a song-themed post. As you know, I’m super into music right now (as well as like 18 other things, yikes) so I decided to make a list of my favorite artists and songs right now. None of these are explicit, they’re all family-friendly and amazing songs.

First up – favorite artists.

  1. Taylor Swift. Taylor is pretty obvious, she’s such a great artist overall and just perfect. I’d listen to any songs of hers any day. They’re all so unique and different, and so real too. Go Taylor!
  2. Ava Max. Ava needs more recognition. She has an amazing voice, amazing lyrics, amazing music videos…she’s just amazing overall. What can I say? Go Ava!
  3. Zara Larsson. Zara won Sweden’s Got Talent at the age of 10 – that’s my age! She went on to blow up the charts. If you’re looking for a unique singer who brings it all, try Zara! Go Zara!
  4. Meghan Trainor. Meghan has a gorgeous voice, and a talent for writing songs. She’s an amazing singer and an amazing person. All Meghan’s songs are so unique. Go Meghan!
  5. Demi Lovato. Someone told me she was my celebrity lookalike, and in addition, her songs are great! Demi is famed for her great vocal range. She’s just such a great person. Demi Lovato is also really gorgeous, so it was a huge compliment that my friend told me I look like her. Go Demi!
  6. Daya. What can I say? Daya has a unique voice and a great talent for songwriting and singing. Her songs are just amazing and remind everyone to be confident. Go Daya!
  7. Ella Eyre. Ella is so pretty and unique. I love her music so much! She’s just an overall amazing person. Go Ella!
  8. Benicio Bryant. I heard him first on America’s Got Talent. He has such an amazing voice and I look forward to seeing him top the charts when he’s older, and maybe even now. Go Benicio!
  9. Shawn Mendes. (Mary don’t kill me please for making him 9th yikes) Shawn Mendes is an insanely good artist. He’s great for when you’re feeling down and overall a great person to listen to. Go Shawn!
  10. Camilla Cabello. She is truly amazing. Listen to her music now! Camila’s music is very unique and special in its own way, and she’s an artist who isn’t afraid to try new things. Go Camilla!

These were my top ten favorite artists, personally. I know people have different opinions, and that my friend Mary will kill me as soon as she reads this, so I need to prepare my bulletproof vest. Yikes.

Next up – my Tae Kwon Do test is on Wednesday, September 11. That’s today, folks!

*realizes the date and gasps*

I’m nervous about the test, and I want to find a way to pay tribute to the people who died saving others in 9/11. They were true heroes.

Wish me luck with the test. I ❀ you guys!

Also, I have a homeschool co-op thing in our area called Compass, it’s the first day today! Looking forward to seeing everyone! ❀ πŸ˜€ At the co-op, I actually have this club devoted to KOTLC, and a huge amount of people are in it, so that’s pretty great! I cannot WAIT to see them today! ❀ ❀

Because we took a break from the music stuff, here’s my top 5 favorite songs right now.

  1. All The Time – Zara Larsson. This song is beautiful and basically can capture a lot of things in just 3 minutes. It also happens to be stuck in my head right now.
  2. The Man – Taylor Swift. Gorgeous song, very realistic…and there’s the elephant in the room. As girls, we have all thought about what it would be like if we were different, if we were guys. Taylor encompasses this in her song. I ❀ you Taylor! Note: Get the clean version, there is one bad word in it.
  3. Wake Me Up – Avicii. A personal all-time favorite of mine. Avicii was a great man, and his songs inspire me!
  4. Torn – Ava Max. Ava is reinventing pop music. She’s so amazing! Listen to this song now if you want to have a great song for any party, and also one in your head.
  5. ME! – Taylor Swift. This is pretty obvious. ME! is a great song that people say I can actually sing, but yeah, no. In my dreams, yes. In real life, no. I really love Taylor, and her songs continue to inspire my creativity!

Wish me luck with testing, and check out my friend’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQfxSjTrGszlbawc80Q1ang – you won’t regret it! She’ll be posting her first video soon, so definitely check it out, subscribe, and hit the bell! Hard!

Again, check out @Hannah over at The Striped Plaid, and have a great day!! ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

why i changed my blog theme / another sleepover / grandparents came / HAPPY LABOR DAY!

Welcome back to my blog! Now that I’m a bit (not a lot) more active, I’m going to share with you some updates on life and reasons for me suddenly changing the layout of my blog!

Let’s go bottom to top.

My grandparents on my dad’s side came came! As I’m writing this, they just left. It was very fun to have them here! They’re really amazing. I love them so much! ❀ Will put some pictures in my photo gallery for y’all!

And I had another sleepover on Friday – this one was with Ashley, Kate, and Keya, friends from Tae Kwon Do. Keya isn’t allowed to be on this blog because of her parents’ rules, but I have a selfie with Ashley and Kate. Check my photo gallery! (In order for me to have this blog, I respect people’s wishes when they aren’t allowed to have their face online.)

Next – why did I change my blog theme? Well, I felt like the old one looked too “business-like,” so I decided to go with something cute and simple that has a modern feel. I’m a huge fan of this one, it’s way better than the other one. I’m a huge fan of modern-looking websites, with these gorgeous backgrounds, fonts and formatting.

On to more! I just realized this subject is changing so rapidly. Wow.

Some of my good neighborhood friends just got back from a trip to their relatives’ houses – if their parents allow it, I can put a picture up of us hanging out!!

Yesterday was the first day of school for public schoolers, so naturally I took a day off, went to the mall with my family, and got ice cream! It’s a tradition in our family! πŸ˜€

I’ve been sick for the last 4 days, but it seems to be getting better today – I’m feeling so nice!! I still have my horrifying internet ban that I got by my parents, but today I’m allowed to blog!

Hopefully if I follow the rules, you’ll soon see more of me!

In other news – testing for my next belt in Tae Kwon Do will be next week, wish me luck!! I’ll be testing with some friends, which is nice, but I’m also totally and completely petrified.

Until next time, and thank you all for visiting! ❀ πŸ˜€


reasons for inactivity / how my life has been / huge milestones


At the sleepover – I have this thing created with Apple Clips on my friend’s iPad:


I got an Internet Ban from my parents because I was spending “too much time on the computer / phone” and I won’t be posting as frequently as before.

There’s also a lot of chaos going on in my life with Tae Kwon Do. Yep. I said it. I’m on the testing list again – all I need is the last achievement tape before I can test. WHICH I HAVE!!!! more on that later

This Friday, I have another sleepover with friends from Tae Kwon Do. Hopefully I’ll get some nice pictures ❀

As of this Monday, I am officially recording my first ever album on the website scratch.mit.edu. My account is @-CharLight- on Scratch. To record, I’ll be using a microphone and GarageBand. The album title is “Take” and it will be out on December 1.

I also want to say – Tuesday, August 27, was officially the day…

I GOT MY TAPE! I’m crying tears of joy and I am so, so happy that I will be testing for my next belt this month.

In addition, some of you may notice, I’ve changed my blog theme! It has also been…drumroll…1 MONTH since I started this blog.

I didn’t post anything for a while, but it’s been one month since I saw someone I knew’s blog and decided, “Hey, what if I could do it too? What if I could blog like this?”

And now, 1 month later, I have 800+ hits (THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!) 13 followers, and SO many comments, likes, and other things too!

Thank you to all my loyal subscribers for being here with me, doing this with me, critiquing my posts, liking, commenting, and everything else you do for me! ❀ ❀

I hope to someday be a big blogger – and I hope to someday finally win the National Spelling Bee, be a black belt, and go to a great college!

Coming up – I’m turning 11 years old in November (shocked? yes, i’m young. you can unsub and i won’t care because HATERS GONNA HATE!) – Charlotte, triggered. Sorry about that.

Anyway, I’ll be turning 11 years old on November 20!

Hopefully I will post more in a few days if this internet ban gets lifted. ❀ you all are the best!!

Please, have a GREAT day (you deserve it!) and today’s challenge for my most loyal viewers is to tell a friend about this blog!

I will hopefully be posting soon, and I hope you enjoy your night / day, wherever you are! I ❀ you guys! πŸ˜€


Big Milestones and A Pic + LOVER – The Album Drops!

Welcome back! It’s me again! At my most recent Tae Kwon Do class, I took a lot of pics with my friends, so I’m going to put a few choice pics up right now.

From left to right: Kate, Anah, Kate’s brother Will, me, and Ashley! Missing from this picture are a few of our friends who were on vacation, you know who you are! πŸ˜€ That’s it for today for the photos. Next, I have some milestones to write about.

The Small

The small milestones I passed – over 700 hits on the blog! (To most of you huge bloggers, this is so small! But for me, it’s really cool!)

Over…10 subs. Again, don’t laugh at me! I’m just starting out and honestly, to have even…13 I think? is great for me! Hopefully I can start accumulating more views.

This one is actually pretty cool in my honest opinion. I now have views from several different countries, about 8 I think. I have some views from people I know that are just on vacation to other countries, but the other ones are super, super cool! Like, seriously. Who’d have thought I’d have views from INDONESIA?! That’s awesome for me.

Here comes the BIG Announcement!

The Big

OK, this one is huge. I NOW HAVE MY FIRST SEARCH FROM A SEARCH ENGINE. (Google Search, to be precise.) Whoever searched my blog, this is a HUGE thank you to YOU! For me, this is such a big deal because it feels like I’m now not a complete blogging noob anymore! Hopefully, there will be more to come! πŸ˜€ (I’m such an optimist…)

Now, on to the other thing. LOVER. THE ALBUM!

Lover – Everything’s Out Now!

I cannot describe to you how long I’ve been waiting. It felt like a millenium! This album has everything Swifties wanted with an oldie vibe too. I listened to every single song as it came out – I’ve never been part of an album release like that before. It was so amazing!

My favorite song of the album has to be (very unpopular opinion): ME! It’s my favorite for several reasons – first, I can sing it. Kinda. Sorta. I haven’t tried anything but singing to some of my friends, and they said I was amazing…literally the first compliment on that I’ve received. Second, it’s such a nice tune. I love the lyrics, too, because it’s just so fun and nice to listen to. For the rest of the song ranking, a close second is Lover, then The Man, for sure. It’s hard to rate anything else because it’s all so amazing!

Taylor, if by some absolute MIRACLE you’re reading this, then I have to say – that music was amazing! Please make more!

Anyway, that’s it for today’s (two days’ ago! I’m sorry!!) blog post. I hope you enjoyed!

Tae Kwon Do – RECAP!

Hey guys! I’m here today – early! with a recap of yesterday’s Tae Kwon Do! I would love to say I got my last tape, but unfortunately I didn’t. I’m very nervous for this tape, and thank you all for the well-wishes! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

I hung out with some friends, we couldn’t take pictures though because we were really busy practicing.

Next Monday, get ready for the most EPIC prank I have EVER done!

We’re going to see if I can prank a distant friend from Tae Kwon Do to believe that I’m a COMPLETELY different person. And my friends will be in on it!

I might even need some spray tan. Yuck.

My mom and friends are going to help me pull this epic prank off, and I hope to share some photos!! I’ll have to change everything about me, even my voice – British accent, here I come! and my backstory.

It seems pretty doubtful that I can pull it off, but I can definitely try! πŸ˜€

In other words, unfortunately I didn’t get my tape again, but I’ll be practicing and trying as hard as I possibly can in between spelling studying and other things.

Thank you all SO much for checking out the blog! It means a lot to me!

Amazing Adventures at Tae Kwon Do…or not

Hello! Welcome back to my blog, I hope you’re all having a GREAT day!

Today, I’ll give you an update on how Tae Kwon Do went, and a picture with what we did!

This picture is me and my friends after we changed. It took us a while to get this right, we had a failed attempt after I made a funny face for the camera and it snapped the shot just as we all cracked up. I would post it, but I’ve been requested not to.

Unfortunately, I did NOT get my tape, but I still have a few more classes to get it!

As for TODAY, I have Tae Kwon Do later, and my littlest brother, Ferdy, is turning FIVE! The time flies so fast! He’s 5 years old now, and he got SO many amazing presents! In later’s update, I’ll post some pictures of him, and Tae Kwon Do!

Thank you all so much for reading and have a great day!

Well, It’s Over Now

I enjoyed vacation SO MUCH! While I was there, I made new friends and hung out with old ones! It was amazing to have a rest from all the, well, commotion at home, and a break from the drama that currently surrounds some of my friendships πŸ˜‚Also, there’s an announcement I want to make to all of the visitors.

Without you amazing visitors to this blog, I never would have passed 500 hits. I have NO idea how I even got this started, but all the support in this short time really makes me super happy!

It’s not much, I know, but I just wanted to say that you’re all THE BEST. Thank you – ALL OF YOU! for reading, liking, commenting, and subbing. I guess it’s just that people returned for more, and I’m glad! Thank you for staying, everyone ❀ ❀

Coming up on the blog, I’m having SEVERAL sleepovers – you know who you are!! πŸ˜€ If I get permission from the people going, I can post some pics, so check back soon for the updates, me ranting about staying up all night and then falling asleep in the middle of an update…you know how it is!

I’m also pleased to announce that I now have an email separate from my main one for any of you who want to contact me about anything! If you have my real email, though, just please contact me there πŸ˜‚ I’ll give the email in one of my newest updates, so stay tuned!

The car ride home was pretty uneventful, and I was really glad when we arrived home at 10:32 pm. We had left at 3:50 pm earlier.

Today, my mom gave us a day off from school to rest and relax before my TAE KWON DO CLASS later! I really really really hope I get my last achievement tape – I’ve been working super hard and it would mean a lot to me if I could test to my next belt this month. I’ve been held back for a while.

Hopefully, I’ll put some pics in the Photo Gallery of me and my friends later – so stay tuned! πŸ˜€

Have a great day!