i need your opinions + before the blog

Hello fellow human beings. Or aliens. Or evil banana-cucumber-parrot hybrids. Whichever one makes you feel like you.

So, I’ve recently been thinking. (Yes, that is a first.) I’ve been really wanting to highlight my hair, but also I want to see what it would be like if it was cut.

I have wavy hair that only looks straight because it’s elbow length. I’m worried if I cut it it’ll poof up.

But blond highlights, even temporarily, could damage hair.

I want to know what you guys think. Which one should I do? Please let me know, because I really want to do something with my hair.

For those of you who are wondering about my sanity – I’m fine. My mom’s going to talk to a hair stylist about me temporarily or even permanently going blond.

And before you immediately comment “CUT” then I’ll just say that I have had one haircut ever and it was a trim. When I was 6. I don’t remember how it looked but it got trimmed to my shoulders because when I was 6, my hair was only a little past shoulder length.

So, I’m really feeling the hair style changing vibes here.

Please, please let me know. Cut or highlight? And how short should I cut it? What shade of blond should the highlights be.

(blond only because my mom said blue hair isn’t ok for all the things i do but blond is a nice color)

If you guys pick highlight, I’m going to do this without bleach and it should go away after like a month if I do it temporarily. I’m SO extremely confused on what I should do!

Next Section: Before the Blog

I’m a relatively new blogger. When I started this blog, I wanted to express myself through writing or sharing images online. I love blogging and it’s become so much of a passion for me. Blogging is just amazing.

But what was before the blog?

Before the blog, I still did Tae Kwon Do. I still had friends, I still studied spelling.

But I really felt that I wanted to express my feelings, and that they were building up inside me. This isn’t like a depression thing, I just wanted to share my thoughts, dreams, and hopes with readers.

I remember how I found WordPress, and it was a sad story.

If you recall my friend Keya from Tae Kwon Do, the amazing human being who smiles through a sad time, well, there’s more to the story.

Keya had a brother named Rohan. Rohan was a great kid. He was sweet and caring to everyone, and extremely smart.

In September 2018, he was diagnosed with a specific type of brain cancer called pediatric glioblastoma. I didn’t realize. I didn’t know. I thought I was the most important.

I should have known Rohan more. I should have talked to him, played with him, helped him. I miss Rohan. I really do.

In June of 2019, Rohan passed away, exactly one month before his ninth birthday. He battled hard and strong. He was a fighter.

And his parents took to WordPress since the diagnosis to share everything about the battle. Every surgery, emergency hospital visit, every picture and video of Rohan being Rohan.

Rohan’s battle has inspired me. It has pushed me to be a better person and focus on the good things in life.

I clicked that “create blog” button for Rohan Shamit Sikotra. I clicked it so I could share my life with the world too.

Every time I write a post, I think of him. I know Rohan went to heaven. I know he’s sitting up there right now. Maybe even watching me.

This has been a hard post for me to write, but I wanted to write it for Rohan and his grieving family.

rohan.sikotra.com is his story. Please, click the link. For Rohan and for Keya.

the last few days of my life (not in a morbid sense though) + best halloween decoration ideas + fall…

Hi guys! I’m back, sorry for not posting for a while – it’s been such a long few days. Today, I’m going to tell you what’s been going on in my life, and some great Halloween decoration ideas.

Tae Kwon Do has been AMAZING. This belt was well worth the wait. I’ve been reconnecting with some friends of mine from before, and practicing my new curriculum. It’s super amazing to be at this new belt. 😀

Now, I’ve really wanted to rank Halloween decorations, and I think I can now safely say – it’s sorta getting into HALLOWEEN SEASON. People are talking about costumes, someone I know even has theirs already, the pumpkin spice ads are going up, pumpkins are for sale but no one’s bought them yet…

Here is a list of my favorite Halloween decorations:

  1. Spiderwebs. These can be really realistic or obviously fake, but they definitely make the Halloween experience amazing.
  2. Tombstones. These are SO. COOL. I don’t even know how we got through so many Halloweens without them. Tombstones for the win, guys. LIKE THIS IF YOU AGREE.
  3. Pumpkins. You knew they would be somewhere – pumpkins are amazing. They’re literally one of the most iconic things in Halloween, and I LOVE carving jack-o-lanterns with my friends.
  4. Skeletons. These are okay, just not my favorite. But again, another classic Halloween thing.
  5. Spiders. I have arachnophobia, but these are honestly genius. Go spiders!
  6. Fake blood. This can be SUPER messy if you step in it, but honestly it gives me a Halloween feel.

That’s all the decorations I could think of, comment down below if you think of any more!

Next up – I took this excellent picture that just feels so…fall to me.

This photo is courtesy of my 5 year old brother Ferdy who is actually a great photographer.

Also – guess what? My friend Violetta posted her FIRST video on YouTube – check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ef3o5vCd0w&lc=z23dypcbls2zuxp5w04t1aokgsasoifba35g2daatco0bk0h00410

Please watch it! It would mean so much to the both of us.

Sorry to cut this post short, but you could say I have a lot of spelling studying to do. (nihar this is proof that i’m studying)

Bye guys! ❤ ❤ ❤ 😀 😀 😀

not-so-secret note – read the series Keeper Of the Lost Cities. NOW.

where did summer go?!?! / what i think of VSCO culture / first day of tae kwon do at my new belt

Guys. Help. Summer is gone!!! I can’t believe it – it goes by so fast!! How the heck did this happen?!?!?! Today was the LAST day of the pool – soon Birkenstocks will be gone too….luckily mine will fit me next year. For sure.

And all the other summery things are going away too! For example, the summer wreath we had on our door. The flowers…the vacations…the beach…it’s now officially fall.

There are many amazing things about fall too, however. For example – the leaves make great blog photos, and leggings are going to be back in style. @Hannah at the striped plaid did a whole letterboard quote thing with her fall leaves – check it out! https://thestripedplaid.wordpress.com/2019/09/13/9-aesthetic-fall-letterboard-quotes-ft-main-event- usa/ is the link.

OK, so Topic #2: what do I think about the VSCO trend?

For those of you who don’t know, there’s a trend going around based on VSCO girls – just google it, I can’t explain it…

  1. Save the turtles – This one I fully support. Come on guys – save the turtles! I don’t use a metal straw though, so I guess I’m not really acting on the idea…
  2. Overlarge shirts as dresses – Sorry, but this one I hate. I just feel like it’s so weird and odd to be wearing something that isn’t meant to be a dress as a dress. I just can’t pull it off. Sorry guys!!
  3. Seashell necklace – Maybe. I mean, it depends on the occasion. I’m SO not a jewelry person, but when I’m going somewhere nice, it’s pretty cool to have a cute necklace. So, yeah, sometimes.
  4. Birkenstocks – Guilty. These shoes are so comfy and stylish – well worth the price. OK, MAYBE they’re my favorite pair of shoes EVER. VSCO girls have it completely right with these. GOOD CHOICE GUYS.
  5. Scrunchies – I’m sorry but no. I own TWO scrunchies from when I was still a gymnast. These fall RIGHT out of my hair, and wearing like 20 on my wrists is just cumbersome. They’re just not good for me. I don’t pull it off well. But hey, on others they look amazing. I have nothing against VSCO girls, I just wouldn’t want to be one.
  6. Sksksksksk & And I oop- – No. Just no. Sometimes they’re fun to say, but I find it annoying to constantly say them in conversation. Sorry guys!! 😦
  7. Mario Badescu stuff – Haven’t tried it. I have no opinion – it could be good, might not be. I’m hoping it’s good at least.
  8. Hair in a bun – Maybe, I like keeping my hair down, but this doesn’t seem like a must for VSCO girls, sooooo….
  9. And of course – the VSCO app – I honestly don’t know. Haven’t tried it yet, if it’s good then sure, I like it.
  10. Hydroflasks and friendship bracelets – No opinion. Any water bottle is good water bottle. Friendship bracelets, well they’re really cute, I just don’t have a thing for jewelry.

OK, that’s all the VSCO related things I can think of- comment more if you have one I didn’t include. My overall take on VSCO – I am NOT a VSCO girl, but I don’t care if anyone else is. You guys are beautiful as VSCO girls, it really just isn’t my thing at all.

Next up: Yesterdaywas the FIRST day of Tae Kwon Do at my new belt – ahhh!!!

OK, so overall………IT WAS SO GREAT!! For all of you reading this…hi Kate….who want to get to 1st brown belt someday, it was totally worth the wait. Totally. 1st brown belt is really fun and to be honest – I wish I had tested like 5 months earlier. I love it so, so much!

My next class at this belt is tomorrow – or Wednesday. Wish me luck because this is so amazing. It’s so nice to see people who I knew at my previous belt.

After my class, I really wanted to wait for my friends at 2nd brown (my old belt) so me and Anah waited for our friends Kate, Keya, and Will. It was their 2nd class and it was nice to catch up with them because our schedule isn’t that correlated.

SOOOOO….overall – this has been my favorite belt so far. Comment down below if you want to see a few pictures besides this one from graduation on Friday:

This amazing photo was taken right after I was awarded my belt. I was shaking hands with my instructor, Master Pineda. The side of my hair shown is the one without the green stripe at the time.

I really enjoy Tae Kwon Do, and I just found out that I know all the curriculum for this belt already from a seminar I go to on Sundays with black belts, which is nice. No curriculum to memorize, so this belt is about improving my technique.

Thank you for reading – my French is waiting for me, and I have way too much spelling.

Bye guys! ❤ ❤ ❤ 😀 😀 😀