Spelling Photos

this photo is me in round 3 – my word was medina. it’s my favorite photo of me spelling and you can find it o flickr. #2019speller470 #round3fam

after the kickoff party at #nsb2019, i hung out with some friends! we ended up eating dinner together and watching the GORGEOUS light show the hotel does in the summer 🙂 left to right: riya, me, isabelle

after round 2, me and my friends emerged victorious. isabelle wasn’t here in this photo, this time from left to right it’s alyssa, me, then riya again 🙂

This GORGEOUS selfie (kinda blurry, I know) is me and #2019speller471 Emilia! We sat next to each other at the Prelims Test so we got to know each other really well!! 😀

Second selfie, right before Round 3! This is Emilia and me again, hanging out!

Oh yeah. It’s me, the #2015cochamp Vanya, and Emilia again! She was super nice, I’m so glad I got to meet her!

This photo is the best selfie I have in my camera roll! From left to right, it’s the 2018 RUNNER UP, NAYSA MODI!!!! Then Isabelle, behind me. Alyssa is next to me and Riya is next to her! This was at the Bee Week 2019 kickoff party, and I honestly loved Naysa SO much, she’s so nice! BEST. SELFIE. EVER.