black lives matter.

hello everyone. i’m sorry for being inactive in recent days. today my post is addressing something critical. a few days ago, a black man named George Floyd was unjustly murdered by police. he said multiple times that he could not breathe, and his pleas were ignored by the police officers.

this and other extremely unjust killings of black people by cops has sparked (just) rage. black individuals are angry that their pleas and voices have gone unheard for so long.

i will never understand what these people are going through, but i just wanted to say:

as a white person, i recognize my privilege. i recognize the fact that i will never be shot for jogging, (Ahmaud Arbery) that i can relax in my home, (Breonna Taylor) can play with a toy gun, (Tamir Rice) can walk home with a bag of Skittles, (Treyvon Martin) and countless more. i recognize that things need to change. and i apologize, sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, at what black individuals are going through. it hurts me

i know that i will never understand the struggle of being black in america. i recognize my privilege, and i speak for many when i say that we need change. if you are black, you are a human too. to my black viewers: you deserve equal opportunities to white people. you deserve to be treated like humans, and you deserve rights. the fact that people discriminate based on something as small and unimportant as skin color is mind-boggling and heartbreaking.

below is a link that contains many resources about the #blacklivesmatter movement. i suggest clicking it, it’s very helpful!

the above link contains petitions that you can sign, resources to help educate yourself on white privilege, donation links, and much more!

if you can’t donate but really want to help, there’s actually a way to donate through youtube ad revenue. a black woman named zoe amira posted an hour long video of black music and art. this video has many, many ads. the ad revenue from these ads is all donated to #blacklivesmatter organizations. if you don’t skip the ads and just watch the video while doing something else, you are essentially donating to all these amazing organizations that strive for equality.

link (please watch on youtube!!!):

thank you all for reading. in my next post, i’ll include more resources!

don’t hesitate to contact me at if you want to talk, i understand that these times are hard for some.

i love you all. and remember, black. lives. matter. ❤

how to decorate your room

hey everyone! i’m charlotte, welcome or welcome back to my blog! since i’ve been redecorating my room lately, i just wanted to share some ideas for anyone who needs them. enjoy!

the first thing that’s really important is to envision what you want your room to look like in the end. this is different for everyone, so keep in mind that you don’t have to have the perfect pinterest bedroom. (although looking at room ideas on pinterest is fun!)

the second thing is to lay out what you want to change and what you want to keep. if possible, make a list of supplies that you’ll need! this is really important, especially if you need to persuade your parents. for example, if you want to turn your bed to face another wall and put a shelf above it, list what direction you want your bed to face and the shelf that you want to buy! i’m repainting my walls in the near future, so i wrote down the color that i wanted and what my parents would need to paint them. this helped convince them!

the third thing is to get rid of things you don’t need anymore. if you have guilty pleasures, make sure to put them in a keepsake drawer. examples of these can be old pictures of you, your favorite stuffed emotional support animal from when you were a month old, and stuff that you wouldn’t necessarily keep but feel too bad to throw away. cleaning your room is tedious but fun. if you really, really don’t want to clean up, just try to take it in small strides. one day, work for 5 minutes, the next, 10, the next, 15, or however many works for you.

if you still live with your parents, you need to convince them to let you redecorate. if they say no to major things, there are other ways that you can make small changes to your room, such as rearranging small furniture or designing new art. in the next post, i’ll be talking about small changes like that that are easy to carry out!

thanks for reading, everyone! i know i have a crazy posting schedule, but i’ll try to work something better out, and post that soon! have an amazing day! ❤

how to practice self-care during covid-19

hi everyone! welcome or welcome back to my blog! as you can see from the title, yes, this post is about something really important ( and by that I mean really important)

during self-isolation / quarantine, it’s really important to take care of your mindset and your mental health. since we can’t go outside, a lot of people have been struggling with issues related to mental health.

it should be one of our first priorities to take care of ourselves and others during this difficult time, so this post is all about doing exactly that!

the first thing that’s really important to do is relax. it doesn’t matter if you don’t put on makeup, since nobody is going to see you anyway. everyone’s stuck at home, so don’t feel pressured about your appearance. stay in your pajamas all day long and learn the homeschooling way (this is what homeschoolers do all day!) don’t feel pressured to get ready every morning the way you would if COVID-19 wasn’t happening.

the second thing is to love yourself. do what makes you feel good. if a long shower every morning makes you feel better about yourself, do it. if you want to check your phone, don’t look at things that make you feel insecure. if you need to eat a big breakfast, don’t be ashamed. and that brings me to my second topic:

it’s also very detrimental to your mental health to be worried about gaining weight in quarantine. it’s very important to learn to accept your weight and to not compare yourself to others. this is not meant to sound cheesy, but you’re literally gorgeous / handsome / great-looking no matter your size. don’t be ashamed of yourself for eating during quarantine, and of course exercise if you want to! just don’t feel pressured to do anything about your weight, and don’t exercise for someone else. do what YOU want to do.

also, staying off of electronics is important! all of us are on our phones all day even without quarantine, and I know I sound like everyone’s mother, but it’s really beneficial to detox from screens for a bit. the time when you’re not on your phone can be spent building hobbies!

thank you for reading! if you enjoyed, please let me know!

you can contact me at, I’d love to get in touch!

have an amazing day ❤

i’m back + 10 things to do in quarantine

hey everyone! welcome back, I’m so sorry I haven’t been active recently! I missed writing posts so much, and I’m really glad that I have the opportunity now!

in this post, I’m going to let everyone know about 10 fun activities to do in quarantine! quick disclaimer, make sure to put your own mental health first. for a lot of you guys (and me) it’s hard not seeing anyone or going outside beyond one walk a day, and it can be really detrimental to one’s mental health. so make sure to put your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your family first, and practice self-care. if anyone is feeling down in your family, make sure to help them feel better. these times are hard for everyone, and it’s extremely important that you care for yourself and others!

without further ado (says every youtuber ever), here are 10 fun things to do in quarantine!

  1. video chat with friends! this is really fun, and honestly, without video chatting people I know, I’d probably be way more lonely than I am right now. technology is such a big help during these times, you can even throw a virtual party through video chat, and a lot more stuff! (I actually haven’t tried this but it sounds really cool)
  2. play board games with family! this has been said multiple times, but please hear me out, I promise. family can be boring during quarantine, but if you sit down and a fun board game with them, it’s actually much more fun than you might think. yes, yes, I sound like a generic mom from a 1950s movie, but I promise this is helpful.
  3. redecorate your room! I actually did this, and there’s going to be a link to a video in which I show you what I did to it! the entire layout changed, and I’m super happy about that. so yes, this is really fun. if you try it, comment down below or email me ( and tell me how it went!
  4. listen to music while you study! if you’re homeschooled, a spelling bee person, or just doing online school, listen to music while you do things! let me just say, this has helped me so much. my ears do hurt from the earbuds, but it’s totally worth it. just make sure to have your volume low so it doesn’t destroy your hearing and so you can hear people. I, personally, keep the volume on my earbuds to the lowest level.
  5. enjoy a hobby! for me, that’s definitely practicing tae kwon do / studying spelling / singing (I’m still not good at singing, but improvement is happening!) if you do this, make sure to practice your hobby at least once every day. and if your hobby is online or on any screen, take a break from online activities to rest your eyes. yes, I sound like a concerned mother. don’t judge me.
  6. play iMessage games! no, I don’t have an apple phone. no, I don’t take constructive criticism. but if you have an apple phone, play gamepigeon games! and please don’t come at me lol idk what I’m doing
  7. write a poem / song! this is coming from me, the one who can’t write a poem to save my life. in fact, just yesterday, I wrote a tragic love ballad about two bananas who are forced to be apart during quarantine. I’m absolutely not posting it, but it was…something. it was definitely something.
  8. make a bouquet of flowers you find on walks! if you’re allowed to go on walks in your area, make sure you wear a mask and gloves, but pick some really pretty flowers. when you get home, wash them and make sure they’re clean. then, you can organize them in pretty arrangements! this also makes a great gift for your parents (if you still live at home) because they’re going through a lot of stress right now.
  9. start a blog! everyone is online right now, so views, likes, and follows are quite literally booming! also, blogging is one of my favorite things to do, and honestly, I recommend it!
  10. read blog posts! if you’re not allowed to start a blog or don’t want to start a blog, read what other people are doing during quarantine! this can give you a lot of inspiration for things to do while you stay at home, and even if you have a blog, it’s really fun to do.

hope you enjoyed this post! let me know what you think in the comments, and as always, have an excellent day!

yikes I’m really behind on schoolwork

should probably do something about that



thank you ♡

hi everyone! welcome or welcome back to my blog! sorry, it’s me again. this time I’m scheduling this to post at midnight because hopefully that rings in the new day!

what…did I just say.

anyway, I just wanted to make this post to thank you all! recently, I hadn’t been checking my view count, but today, I finally did, and OMGOMGOMGOMG!

thanks everyone SO much for….3,100 views and 800 visitors! I know for some people it may seem like a small amount, but whoa, it’s really awesome that everyone wanted to view my content so much!

this is not (and I repeat, not) an awards acceptance post (when I had quora at the awkward year of ten I was slammed for writing all my answers like an acceptance speech haha) so I’m going to make it short.

all I’m going to say is that it really means a lot to me, and that I think that my day has officially been made! (well it ties with the “bee guy” lyrics my friend sent me earlier which were a mASTERPIECE)

ahhHHhHhhhHhhHhhhhhhhHHHHHHH yayYYyyYyyyYYyyYyhjsdfjhsdjfdhjdfhjsdjhf

we return from a short intermission

so, thank you all so much, it really means a lot to me! and on that note i swear i’m going to leave now

a fresh start + tips for better mental health

hey everyone! welcome or welcome back to my blog. as many of you can see, I changed the theme of my blog (I love this one so much) and am generally revising most of it.

first of all, I just wanted to say – I’m genuinely sorry for putting everyone through my past cringiness. I’ve decided to read my posts from long ago and yIKES I’m disappointed in myself. so, when I read those, it gave me motivation to change my writing style, what I talk about, and generally the content I post on here.

the past few days have been good, I’ve gotten rid of a toxic friendship and worked on my mental health, which was spiraling due to this friendship. actually, that’s the next thing I’m going to be talking to you about.

because of personal and privacy reasons, I won’t be talking about the friendship. this is just a general article with some tips on self-care and how to love yourself more, especially when we’re stuck inside.

  1. try listening to music! calming music has really helped me in the past when I’ve been feeling more intense emotions and needed to cool off.
  2. spend time with yourself. this is also something that’s helped me get to know myself and what I want better. allowing yourself to feel what you’re feeling and think those thoughts that you’ve pushed down has been one of the most helpful things that I’ve done.
  3. spend less time on social media / your devices. falling into a pattern of checking your phone too often can give you false images and even make you feel more insecure. if I’m scrolling instagram and I see a girl who, by society’s standards, is gorgeous, I automatically feel less than her. and I’m not saying “don’t be confident,” I’m saying not to compare yourself to others. this is really important, because we are all different. if someone else is beautiful, that doesn’t automatically make you any less beautiful.

if this helped you, let me know! I’d love to hear from you. have an amazing day, everyone! i’ve been procrastinating for wayyy too long, so i’m going to go do the things I should have done hours ago.

today’s update: follow my friend : )

hey everyone! Welcome or welcome back to my blog! This is a pretty short update, because I’m not used to updating daily, but one of my friends just started a blog! She’s super excited about it, and it would be awesome if you guys could head over to her blog and give her a follow! is her blog, make sure to subscribe to it! Her first posts are coming soon 😀

Today I had school off because today was a day we were supposed to have off to go to a light show, but since it was canceled because of quarantine, my mom let us still have the day off! I’m planning on video chatting with my friends a lot, and also studying. (I promise I’m productive.)

My brothers are pretty crazy, but I’m having fun with them even though they’re all hyper. My eight year old brother would like everyone to follow his Roblox account, because he wants followers. It’s @angrypineapple222 if anyone’s interested. I haven’t played Roblox in a while, so I’m not linking my account, but I hope you enjoy following my eight year old brother Michael. : \

Anyway, today I called some friends already, and talked to some people. Then I went on a walk, which was pretty fun! Later, I’m hoping to work on some things I want to finish, and just hang out with my family.

That’s it for now, because I can’t figure out what else I’ve done today other than procrastinate and sleep. I may have stayed up all night last night!

updates: how i’ve been, self isolation : )

Hey everyone! Welcome or welcome back to my blog! You might be wondering why I haven’t posted in a while, and I’m truly sorry. Because of the quarantine in my area, I’m going to be posting more often for sure!

So there’s been a lot of stuff happening with my life. First of all, just days after my last post, my Tae Kwon Do closed, schools in my area closed, and my homeschool co-op closed. My family decided we immediately had to self-isolate to avoid getting and / or transmitting the virus, and since then, I’ve been doing well in self-isolation.

I’ve fallen into a sort of new routine, involving practicing Tae Kwon Do, studying for the spelling bee, and frequently calling my friends. I’ve also taken up the Sims 4 in my spare time because it’s fun. Every day, since we’re allowed to walk once a day, I do. Some of my friends walk with their families at the same time too, and it’s nice to see them and talk for a bit, even if it’s 6 feet away and we’re all wearing masks. It’s sort of a new normal, and it’s taken some getting used to, but I really like it.

I’ve also done a lot of selfcare things during quarantine too, such as getting rid of toxic people, reconnecting with some old Tae Kwon Do friends, and trying to spend less time procrastinating and more time doing things other than eating ice cream and watching YouTube while I scroll through social media.

I might also start a YouTube channel soon, but I’m still waiting for the okay from my parents! If I do, I’ll link the channel, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to.

In addition, I’ve been trying to actually learn how to sing. I think it’s safe to say that I went from dying rat to slightly displeased rat, a big improvement in my eyes.

I just wanted to write this because I know everyone’s bored in quarantine, and hopefully I can entertain someone. I, for one, am literally exhausted even though I have nowhere to go, and I hope that I can stop going to bed at highly unreasonable times. Most of the posts I have on here have been written at the late hours of the night and early hours of the morning, meaning 3-5 am, when I decide to stay up for no particular reason.

However, I’ve come a long way with that! I actually now go to bed at…drumroll please…12 am instead of 5 am. And I now get a whopping 7 hours of sleep, I’m so proud of myself. I am writing this post at 7:45 pm, right before dinner, so that’s also good.

My brothers are as crazy as always, and my mom and dad are doing an awesome job of keeping everyone happy in quarantine. It’s been really stressful for them, and I’m really thankful that they’re there for me and my brothers.

Some pictures I’ve took recently are me in the middle of the night on Friday nights (where I go to sleep at the wee hours of the morning) and of my brothers being complete and utter dinguses.

There’s also this picture of me on an inflatable couch in our backyard in my pajamas screaming because I couldn’t figure out how to get up without hurting myself.

we don’t talk about it

But if you read the caption, you’ll see that it says: “we don’t talk about it” and WE DON’T. It’s truly something I’m not proud of.

This is getting long, so I’ll wrap it up! Make sure to stay safe and healthy, and I’ll see you guys all very soon 😀 bye!


Hi everyone! Welcome or welcome back to my blog! As you can see from the title, this post is really serious. It has to do with the new coronavirus that’s spreading through the world and was declared a pandemic a few weeks ago.

In my state, there are currently 56 cases of COVID-19, and 13 in my county. Me and my family are self-isolating, because we are worried about getting the disease and passing it to someone at risk. Currently, we’re trying to wash our hands a lot and not go out of the house except for emergencies. It’s a hard decision, but we’re doing our best.

So, what am I doing after school (I’m still homeschooled) to keep myself happy and not bored?

Well, I’m taking these 4 weeks to redecorate my entire room! I’m actually taking time lapses, and I’ll be editing them together in a video about what I did to my room! It’s exciting to see the huge difference, and I’m going to be putting Google Drive links on this blog so you can watch the videos! I’m really excited for you guys to see the end result!

I’m also taking this opportunity to catch up with some of my old Tae Kwon Do friends, and of course….taking aesthetic photos and editing them together.

what even is this

So that’s it for now! I’m planning on catching up with some spelling friends on video call, and of course, cleaning up my entire room!

Until then, goodbyeee! 🙂

❄where i’ve been❄

Hi guys! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

First of all, I want to apologize for my inactivity. I’ve been trying my best to juggle so many things that I need to do, but I’ll be posting on this blog more actively from now on, I promise!

There’s so much that’s happened since I last posted, so I’ll pick up where I left off.

Unfortunately, I won’t be going to the Scripps National Spelling Bee again this year due to a mishap at my school bee. I spelled “withers” “whithers” because the pronouncer didn’t give the full definition of the word. We appealed to see if I could go to regionals, but the appeal was unfortunately rejected. Hopefully I can go back next year. I see this year as an opportunity to focus even harder on spelling and to successfully increase my other skills as well. (lol who am i kidding i dont have skills)

The Winter Talent Show is…no longer winter! It is happening, but the plans have taken so long that it’s being pushed back a few months. I’m genuinely terrified to sing, but I’m just planning on trying my best and trying as hard as I can to not embarrass myself.

My little brother Nicholas is now almost 2 months old! Time flies so much!!

This is a picture of him:

literally so cute omg

He’s so cuteeeeeee!!! He learned how to smile and laugh also, and it’s the cutest thing ❤

I’m taking a short break from spelling studying, I’ll be starting again soon, but on my break, I’m reading Keeper of the Lost Cities over and over and over! I’d totally recommend the series, it appeals to kids and adults and is a great read.

That’s all for now, I’ll be posting more tomorrow!

Have a great day or night, wherever you are!